Manufacturer’s Library

The podcast of the Book Manufacturers’ Institute, the trade association representing those involved in the printing, binding and distribution of the printed book.

Today’s episode is an interview with the new Executive Director of the Protestant-Church Owned Publishers Association, Beth Lewis. This interview took place on July 9, 2020.   

Hear from BMI 2020 Rising Star Award winner, Cara Lewis Lahey of Publishers' Graphics. She discusses how she got involved in the industry, as well as her time with BMI. 

Today’s episode is an interview with Marco Boer of IT Strategies. Marco is a long-time, trusted consultant to the digital printing industry. He’s spoken at BMI events, as well as at other numerous printing conferences. Through this vast array of experience, Marco has developed a deep understanding of printing and the various print markets on both the buying and selling side.

We took a few minutes on Wednesday June 10th, 2020 to discuss the printed book market, in the context of pre and post pandemic.

Saving the Camel’s Back: Books in the Age of COVID-19: Dr. Naomi Baron, American University

From BMI's 2020 Spring Management Virtual Conference, this was a presentation from Dr. Naomi Baron of American University. Following her presentation, BMI members had an open and candid discussion about how their businesses were doing during the pandemic. Originally recorded on May 5, 2020.

Today’s episode comes from our 2020 Spring Management Virtual Conference. This was an association update webinar presented by me, BMI Executive Director, Matt Baehr.

Learn what’s happening with the BMI and hear what’s going on with BMI members during COVID-19.

Date of original webinar was May 19, 2020